Monday, February 9


I flew home late last friday and got to spend the majority of the day with Beth.  We rode our bikes around downtown Baton Rouge, went to a couple of bars, saw two parades and ran into our high school friend Donald Hodge.  It was glorious.  The weather was perfect, crisp, but not freezing, and the skies were a pale blue.  Sunday was spent lazing about on the couch, not doing much of anything, also glorious!

Recently, I ran into a problem where my external music drive would show up under Mac Os X in the disk utility and would mount properly there, but wouldn't be visible on the desktop.  My google-fu was weak and I searched unsuccessfully for a solution to the problem.  Finally, I found a thread on a forum that described this problem exactly, and was able to fix it

I went to :

Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
chflags nohidden /Volumes/yourvolumenamehere/

It works perfectly!  

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