Saturday, February 10

Cool clock tower in Brisbane

Very greek?

Brisbane Panorama

This is a panoramic photo of Brisbane.  I'm here now mixing the orchestra for Evanescence's Synthesis tour.  We have four shows in Australia.  The show went well last night, considering I have really felt my jet lag acutely this time traveling.  The time difference between here and Louisiana is 16 hours, so you could say that I am living in the future!

Thursday, January 7


Beth and I just finished a Christmas visit to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.  Great trip.  It was amazing that we were able to go wherever we wanted without resorting to getting into a car except twice.  This was mainly for convenience, as at the beginning of the trip we were pretty heavily laden with baggage, which was fixed after that leg of our trip.  Other than the airport to hotel run at the beginning, and a quick trip to the train station, we utilized public transport for the entirety of our city transit.

This is a picture of the memorial marker for Mozart.  He isn't actually buried underneath the marker, as it was usual during his time for common people to be buried in mass graves, and several attempts to locate his body exactly were unsuccessful, even as soon as 10 years after his death.

more to come...

Tuesday, September 15

long time, no post.

Sorry for the long time between posts.  I guess I have been busy living life.  So, what's been going on?  Gigging mainly.  This year has been one of the busiest in recent memory in terms of sheer volume of work, which is good.  Since Beth is in school full time I need to accept as much work as possible to get us through the next couple of years.

I got some more gear.  I know, surprise, surprise.  I know, dear reader, that you find it hard to believe that I would get more stuff, but here's the short list off top of my head.

Antelope Audio Zen studio- this is an audio interface with 12 remote controlled mic preamps and 8 more converters to track a small session independently.  The preamps sound great, it's a big step up from my motu traveler, which was getting long in the tooth and is now doing duty as a midi interface.

Blue Kiwi microphone.  I traded my friend Mark some store credit at sweetwater sound for this mic. It's got multiple patterns (omni, cardioid, figure 8) and has really great detail.

RE-20, MD421, EV329, my friend Leon was looking to sell these so he gave me a great deal on a package.  The RE20 is a broadcast mic, good for voice over work, horns, bass cabs, all around nice general purpose mic.  The 421 is also in the same flavor category, warm, dynamic, multipurpose mic. The EV mics is a kick drum mic and I honestly haven't fooled with it much.

Anyway, I'll check back in soon.  Writing the blog is a bit cathartic.