Saturday, December 5

San Diego Zoo

My friend Tom and I just went to the San Diego zoo, and it was so much fun!

Well, the first thing I did was eat a chili bread bowl with onions and cheese, because I hadn't had lunch before we went to the zoo, and I was starving. Second, we saw some reptiles. The reptile house was nice and cool. Most of the snakes were sluggish and didn't move at all.

We walked quite a bit, the San Diego zoo is much larger than the Audubon zoo in New Orleans. I was so tired of walking by the end of the day that I could actually feel my feet throbbing. We rode the cable car 3 times, which was my favorite part, in addition to the aviaries. I felt like I was in a tropical jungle for a bit.

I am leaving for Phoenix today, but we have 24 hours before we have to load in, so I am going to try to find something interesting to do. Good Morning.

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