Sunday, December 6

my wedding ring

When I stayed at the Omni Hotel in San Diego last week, I took my wedding ring off at night, my hands were swollen for some reason in the evening time. I woke up one morning, and instead of my usual routine of taking a shower and putting my wardrobe on, I scooted to the gym. This seriously skewed my routine and I forgot to put my ring back on.

Fast forward 9 hours. I realized that the ring isn't on my hand, but clearly remembered taking it off and putting on the bedside table, so I wasn't worried that I had lost the ring. I went back to my room, checked the bedside table, and couldn't find my wedding ring!

I tore the room apart, checked under and behind the bed. I looked in the sink and drain, moved tables around. I called housekeeping, and the nice operator sent someone to help me look. We continued to move things around, crawl on the floor etc. Finally, as we were about to give up, the nice maid pointed it out to me: The ring was on the lamp, around the on / off toggle.

Thanks for helping me find my ring.

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