Thursday, June 11

Superdrives and keyboard covers

This feels slightly strange, typing through a rubber mat, every push  of my keyboard mediated by this soft, spongy material.  The translucent blue makes my keyboard look dirty.

I don't know if you are the right decision for me, KB keyboard cover.  You cost $30, which is a considerable sum for a piece of gelled plastic.  I have pored through your website, attempting to glean any significant information, so that I can know definitively, via a glimpse of your soul, perhaps, if you are the one for me.

Should I purchase the Dvorak layout, confusing my friends and enemies, but leave my keyboard layout in QWERTY, confusing them further?  What would make this decision easier?  Lately, my keyboard backlight has been turned off, which makes me sad.  I enjoyed manipulating the brightness of the keys, even in full daylight.

I bought a cheap cover at frys electronics store last night, thinking that I could replace you with a $10 variant.  I know not if I can replace you.  The cheap cover slides this way and that, feeling powdery like dried latex.

Your keyboard cover stays firmly in place, sturdy, unmoving.  I like you and I think I will buy you KB keyboard cover; I could grow used to you.

In other news, my superdrive quit working briefly, reject every disk inserted into the slot.  I called apple care, and they ran me through a list of quick fixes. 

1. Zap the P-Ram.

2. Remove the battery and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.

3. Create another user account and try from the account.

4. Schedule an appointment with the genius store.

I ended up going with option 5, however Applecare won't schedule an appointment for more than 5 days out, and I was out of town, so I  ended up not scheduling an apointment at all.

The actual fix involved rotating the mac so that the screen  was flat against a table, and the superdrive was oriented vertically.  After I did this, whatever mechanical problem I had stopped, and I haven't had any problems with inserting or ejecting CDs.

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