Friday, January 23

Proud to be an American

Well, since Chris opened the dialogue about our new president, I feel the need to express my thoughts and feelings.
Not growing up with segregation and the civil rights movement, seeing Barack Obama sworn in as POTUS is not that surprising to me. Although, I do think there are a lot of people out there who do not see beyond the color of one's skin and who are very uneducated and still believe that black people are inferior because God made them that way. But for me, I do not see President Obama's color. To me he is a smart, well rounded and compassionate individual. He seems to know how to lead, delegate and make his ideas a reality.
Yet at the same time, it is a BIG DEAL that a black man was elected President. It means that others see beyond his color. They believe that there are bigger problems than the color of one's skin and that is what makes me proud to be an American.
For all my Presidential voting history, I have to deal with losers. I have had to deal with voting for the right person, knowing that was the right person, but feeling like I did not belong because some Supreme Court justice did not agree with me. I have voted for third parties because I felt it was time to open the doors to another perspective. I have voted the party line because my pocket book and morale could not take another four more years of negativity, dishonesty and shame. But then I voted because I knew that the person on the ballot held them same beliefs I held. And I won along with our country.
Tuesday felt like Christmas to me when I was little and still believed in Santa Claus and also like the day I met Chris for the second time. So much excitement for being on the winning team, but mostly that the tide was turning towards the common good.

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