Friday, January 23

An open letter to the White House blog team

I would ask that you guys update your blog regularly reflecting the policy decisions that you have made, as a good faith reflection of the Presidents proclamation regarding openness. I understand that this is a busy time for everyone on the White House team, but I feel that you guys can automatically update the content of your RSS feed to include the policy decisions that are coming down everyday. I also feel that including links to streams of press conferences and C-SPAN would be great!

As a side note, recently posted an article suggesting ways that the White House web site could be streamlined. While I am not a webmaster, I have forwarded the link to you, as it notes several ways to decrease bandwidth usage on this site and thought it may be of interest.

Thanks for your time,
Chris Bloch

I sent this letter to and also through a web submission form on the White House Site. With all the media and headlines being produced, I think it should be agreggated in a timely manner, which hasn't happened (yet) hopefully.

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