Saturday, August 23

This morning I popped out of bed, decided to back up my computer, because I have been putting off this action for well over two weeks, and sync my phone, which I have also put off for a while now.

Time machine (Apple's backup utility) says that I have 21.6 GB's of new data to write to the back up drive. This doesn't even come close to Tim Robichaux who said he had something like 696 GB to back up. I think I would go crazy.

My phone is a pain to sync but I can't decide whether the cable is just flimsy and apt to break the connection or the pins in the bottom of the treo are. The treo has to have special software to connect to a mac, which I gladly bought for $40, and it works, but only kind of. I can get my phone to serve as a connection for internet, but only via bluetooth, which is slow like Christmas. Bluetooth however won't sync my phone for some reason. I have only gotten it to work once.
Having said all of this, I am almost driven to buy an iphone, but I am not allowed to tether an iphone to a laptop which is pretty useful sometimes.

Paul suggested I get an evdo modem and router combination and I have contacted these guys to make it happen. They run the forums at

Enough about my poor IT choices. Molly puked this morning in Peggy's house, on the carpet.

Molly is sitting in the middle of an abandoned golf course in New Orleans City Park.

Molly went swimming with this alligator, which lives in a lagoon in the same golf course. Actually, I know of at least two gators loose in city park.

I leave you with a picture that I took at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Clementine Hunter : My grandmother paints very convincing reproductions.

The Baptism

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