Friday, August 22

A couple of other things Aunt Betty taught me:

Onomatopoeia is spelled correctly by singing the letters contained inside the word onomatopoeia to the tune of old McDonald had a farm. O-N-O-M-A-T-O-P-O-E-I-A.

The difference between can and may. Can means "Am I physically capable of doing this action?" May means "Do I have permission for this action?"

The difference between definite and indefinite articles. The is a definite article, being used in a specific instance, ie. The well has run dry. The indefinite article a is used when referred to one of a numbers of items.

The service was nice. Plenty of people stopped by before the service to say hi and give their condolences and we had so many people attend the service that there was spillover in the church. Uncle Dan and Arlene put out a good spread, provided by the good folk who had come by earlier in the week. I ate myself silly and enjoyed seeing all the friends and relatives.

The southern contingent of Aunt Betty's friends, hereto referred to as Bettyites, showed up with red wax lips affixed to their faces. They made me smile.

Beth and I are really just about moved in now, except for unpacking clothes.

This is the view from the back porch.

the back porch

Beth and I drove back to New Orleans and made the old house mop-clean. We are staying at Peggy's while Beth finishes her last week of work and I pull a show for Pyramid. Texas Music Fest here I come.

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  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Ms. Bloch taught me 9th grade English back in 84-85. I remember her teaching us the same way. My favorite was when she would imitate Cyndi Lauper's voice in class.