Friday, May 16


Beth and I are going camping today, so my main job is to pack up the car, and go to the pet store (Molly needs food, and we need a "doggie stake" so that we can have Molly at the campsite without fear of her wandering off)

I finished the BTE input list for these two weekend gigs we are doing, but now I have to translate my show file to work on a PM5D

I finally broke down and bought a macbook pro. I wrestled with this decision for quite a while, but my Dell laptop started to make funny noises when I connected it to my audio interface, and apparently it only stops making them when I disconnect the mains power supply and run off of battery power. I think I will like having a mac, like a lot, and am excited to have a new machine. Beth tells me she is tired of hearing me moan about whether or not to purchase a mac, and that she is happy I came to some decision.

Our friend, Eddie Mapp, got picked up by Stone Temple Pilots for their tour. I know he's excited about this, and I am proud of him. A Google Search querying his name now shows him in the top 3 or 4 spots. Way to go Eddie! It's a long way from Princess Hattie (the band we played in together in high school).

Beth and I planted another garden bed. We have okra, watermelon, collards, flowers, corn, pole beans, and beets started, and I have quite a few extra seed pots germinating in the wings. I hope to have pictures up soon.

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