Monday, May 26

Camping with the Pups and the new Bloch

Camping with Molly went really well. We had her on the stake while we hiked the gear in from the car. She stayed near us the whole time while we were at Kisatachie except for one or two trips to the Boy Scout's, who were camping near us, grease pit. She and Stanley, her springer-spaniel-mix cousin, swam in the bayou and enjoyed lounging in the lime-stone sand. It was a wonderful weekend with low temps and lots of gourmet food. It pays off to have two men who like to eat well camping with you.

The newest Bloch is Eve. She is Chris' MacBookPro. (I'm assuming Apple writes the names of their products like so.) Chris loves her which is fine because I don't have to hear how much his computer sucks anymore. Although, he is turning into an iJerk. Next it will be the iPhone. Nevertheless we have a deal. If he gets an iPhone, I get his Treo or a BlackBerrry.

I have vacation in two weeks! We are planning on taking Ray Bloch fishing in the Gulf. I just want to be able to swim and hopefully take Molly where ever we go. We've talked about going to Avery Island before we settle on a place to fish. That should be fun as Chris and I have never been to the birthplace of Tabasco.

Anyway, Chris and I would like you to enjoy this picture of Molly looking pretty. Ciao!

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