Thursday, March 13

Travelling Man

I have been gone for almost a week now from New Orleans, and I am starting to miss that wet, dreary place. More so, I miss spending time with my wife, but alas, my job requires travel, and lots of it.
I have been using a couple of new toys on the intertubes (I'm a late early adopter, well behind the extreme edge of the bell curve)

1. Facebook

It seems like facebook is like myspace for adults, except with embeddable apps, and it is a lot cleaner. (cleaner as in design, not dirt) I think that I like it, a lot, even though I don't know that many people on it, but I can see why its a big deal.

2. Twitter

Yet again, well behind the bell curve, and the funny part is that I don't subscribe to anyones feeds, and no one follows me. I think it may take a while for me to really get this.

3. Bloglines

Bloglines is an RSS agregattor (spelling?) It's almost more media than I can consume, and I can look at all the blogs / web sites that I read in one spot.

I might like this web 2.0 thingie yet.

I have been reading this blog called so very alone. It's utterly fascinating.

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