Friday, June 29

A little note from my friend Kris

My buddy Kris is working on a corporate show with me in Boston. He sent this note to a couple of people and I thought that his thought bear republication here. His blog can be found at

As I sit here sipping my Ben & Jerry's shake, I reflect on what makes me
happy. One of those things is a neat and tidy backstage area. No
matter how "slammed" or rushed a setup is, there is no excuse for things
not being labeled and organized. It is a direct reflection on the
operator, crew and production company how the backstage of any event looks.

Just as if you were buying a car that looks great on the outside but the
interior is trashed gives you an uneasy feeling about the quality of
your purchase, so it gives the client a sense of the inner workings of
the company that they hired.

Now I realize that not everyone who has received this has been backstage
of an event. They may have only attended from a spectator view or have
seen how wonderful the set looks in photos. The backstage tells the
true story of how a crew is doing.

I am proud to say that my coworkers on this show hold these same values
true. Chris Bloch, Chris Capozza and myself did a great job of
maintaining order in our little world. We communicated and worked
together so that the back stage looked just as good as the set. Through
this, one will realize just how tight our operations are. Moreover, due
to the organization, layout and labeling of our gear, if one of us were
to be called off to another room / job, another professional
could step in and resume where we left off.

This is just one of the many things that true professionals bring to
their productions. I hope that you too can see the value of putting
forth that extra bit of effort and how it really helps the production
and our appearance to the client.

Kris A. Wotipka

Thanks a lot Kris.

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