Wednesday, June 27

Chris, Mon-tree-alll & Absurdity

Sometimes I can't believe I ended up with such a great husband. Chris is in Boston this week working for the suits. Then he's off to Montreal to work for the Canadian suits. Even though he is gone for two weeks I know Chris does this because he wants to give me (and himself) a good life. (Oh, I guess I should add Desmond to that too.)
But it's not so bad. I'm flying up to see Chris next Saturday in Montreal. Bonjour, Monsieur/Madam! I'm really excited about going to another country. It's been a long time since I've been out of the US. I don't know if Jamaica counts since we were pretty much locked down in our resort because the Montego Bayians hounded us every time we left the resort. But it will be really cool to see another N. American French influenced city. Apparently, Montreal has pot hole problems like New Orleans. Although I'm sure they don't have the permanent concrete waves we have.
Speaking of New Orleans, they have dug up our street to repair the water pipes underneath. Well, today as I was driving down our alleyway there was a hydraulic excavator piling asphalt at the end of the alleyway. Now, our alleyway is a dead end so there is only one way to get out. At first I was like "Great, once again the city doesn't know what it's doing. They've blocked my only way out." Then I said to myself, "Wait a second, that youth group just mowed down all the weeds and grass in the neighboring empty lots. I have all wheel drive! I can just drive through this lot to my left where a house once stood!" And so I did. I mud hogged right through the lot! This is the kinda stuff we live with everyday in New Orleans. It's not the hurricanes or the flood we think about so much anymore. The incompetent gov't doesn't bother us so much any more because it's a given. It's the absurd things you can get away with and the absurd things you see going on in the city. Like Dollar Bill Jefferson sitting next to your Mom at Camellia Grill on a Friday night after drinking fancy drinking and downing raw oysters. Or living in the city limits and having a gravel road in front of your house. Or seeing stop lights blinking red, yellow and green all at once. Or trying to explain to your student loan bank that the reason your statements kept getting sent back "Return to Sender" is because you had to "activate" your mailbox. I know New Orleans was crazy before, but now it's just wacky unless you live here and it's your home.

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