Thursday, March 22

Desmond wants to blog

Desmond is very carefully slinking his way towards my laptop. I think he wants to blog, but more likely wants to hump my arm. I don't get it. This cat was neutered albeit when he was four months old, but still. Chris is out of town, unfortunately. I think Desmond likes him better what with the furry arm hair. If anyone knows why Desmond is acting so weird please share.
In other news, I was thinking about Sparkie today. I saw this dog in Abita Springs on my way to work who looked exactly like her when she was young. Then I started thinking how I would like to have another dog. Our house is small though so it will have to wait until we move to something bigger. Also, I'm not sure how to convince Mr. Bloch that we need a dog. "Need" being the appropriate term. I guess I could guilt trip him and tell him I need the security and companionship of a doggie while he is away. Or maybe I should take Chris to PetSmart on Saturday and let him be charmed by two lovely little brown eyes. Actually, Chris will have to decide on his own that having a dog would be fun.
Nevertheless, I attach this picture of a beautiful hibiscus from our catalog of Jamaican pictures. It is Spring after all!

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