Tuesday, August 22

Goin' Back to 'bita

Chris seems to write many more blogs than I do and places a lot of announcements. Well I have one of my own. I'm heading back to the N'Shore to be with Bill and Avery again. The prodigal paralegal is returning. I've had about all I can take of the big New Orleans defense firm. Bill was right and I was wrong. Avery said I would have to sign in and out every day. I would have to dress up again and deal with snotty, petty and incompetent support staff.
I'm just glad that they are taking me back after five months. I'm happier with Avery and our personalities fit perfectly. Who would have known that a Democrat and a Republican would make such a great working team? Plus, they know how to take care of an employee. I mean who can pass up thousand dollar(s) bonuses? And I don't ever have to dress up! I was really silly to leave in the first place. But everyone gets second chances.

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