Tuesday, June 27


I asked Chris to tell me what websites I should search since I'm incredibly bored out of my mind at work. I have 25 minutes to kill until I can leave. Unfortunately, I cannot leave since my firm acts like Big Brother and makes us sign in and sign out everyday. But little do they know that I'm blogging on company time. Of course they could be monitoring me, but do I really care? And besides most of the IT guys who work for law firms are pretty clueless about anything IT related anyway.
But it's not all that bad here. I get paid a decent salary for doing less work than I have ever done in my entire life including grammar school. I am able to provide Chris with health insurance. (Ha, ha who wears the pants now!) And I only have to drive 10mins to work. Maybe one day when it gets cooler, I will ride my bike to work. It's just too bad corporate defense work is soooo boring.
It does however provide a great lifestyle. I never really have to worry too much about money or health care. Nevertheless, I vow from this day forward to never, ever practice corporate defense law. In fact, I don't ever want to practice any law that forces me to be stuck in a stagnate, formulatic area of law. That includes being on the plaintiff's side.
I have no idea how my attorneys find this stuff interesting. I think they find the other crazy New Orleans lawyers interesting. Oh and let's not forget the nuts in the judicial system. Always an element of surprise there. Are they doing it for the money or do they really think they are making a difference? Honestly I think they are here for the same reasons I am, the comfortable lifestyle.
Ooo, only 14 minutes now. Time to move on and make sure I have billed enough time for the Dark Side.

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