Friday, June 30

Essence Festival

I am at the Essence Festival, in Houston, Texas. Pyramid audio is responsible for the empowerment seminars, which include such luminaries as Jamie Foxx, Louis Farrakan, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and many others. I think it is actually going to be an interesting program, but the issue is that I am white. All of the rest of my crew is backstage, hidden behind some black drape, but I am way out in the middle of the seating area. I am going to look like a marshmallow in a coal mine. Granted, I don't mind, having done these kinds of shows in the past, and I have no problems cohabitating with black people, who are after all, just people too. I feel like this show is going to be particularly offensive though, having spoken to people in the past who have worked. I just need to fight the urge to turn off the microphone if the speaker starts saying hateful things.

Have a great day, from Chris at the Essence Empowerment Seminar.

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