Wednesday, December 10

I quit facebook, now what?

I quit facebook.  There, I said it.  I spent entirely too much time being passively informed about a very wide circle of acquaintance and it took up too much of my time.  I also felt continually pressured to share the trivial details of my personal life, sometimes past my comfort level.  Events in real life sometimes were viewed through a prism of "how can I turn this event into a great picture or pithy quote for social media?"  Having such a wide circle of acquaintance, I felt like I had to filter, tailor, and analyze every statement for this disparate audience prior to hitting post. 

Onward, and upward.   I quit facebook!

Big news in bullet points:

Beth got into Southern Law School.  Go Jaguars!

We sold the house in New Orleans.  Bye Midcity!

We moved to Baton Rouge

I assisted Mark Bingham on a record for Tim Laughlin.

I started helping Mark build a studio in Henderson, LA. 

I got my L'acoustics K1 systems technician certification.

I bought a Midas Pro 1 digital mixing console!

Notes: The name of the new studio may or may not be the Henderson Racoon Lodge.   We are recording Helen Gillet this December.  Beth and I like Baton Rouge, but there aren't enough options to bike around. 

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