Thursday, August 16

Grab the rope, Sean!

This is a leftover picture from Mardi Gras 2012.  Some friends of ours have a family spot in the CBD where they have watched the parades on Mardi Gras day since time immemorial, and Beth and I like to stop by and watch the parades with them.

This year we were treated to a procession separating us plebes from the rich folk by a golden rope being wielded by private security guards and police escorts.  My friend Sean decided that he needed to make sure that it was just a rope separating us from the rich folk and grabbed it.  The lady in the right of the picture looks mortified, but the guy in the sunglasses was pretty amused by our little spectacle.  I wonder what krewe these fine folks were associated with, and where they were going to sup (that's eat for you folks that aren't born with silver spoons in your mouth and don't live uptown).

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