Wednesday, June 8

blog has been neglected

What with facebook and twitter, this blog has been majorly neglected.  Poor blog, bloggy-blog.

So what have I been up to?


I've been mixing front of house for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and the Del McCoury Band.  We've done about 12 dates so far in support of their new album:  American Legacies.  It's a great record, and I'm honored to be working with two talented bands that I actually enjoy listening to!

I did a 2 week run doing monitors for ABBA: The Concert, which is basically a tribute band with members of the original ABBA band.  We did a couple of symphony gigs, which was interesting and a new experience for me.

I've of course been doing corporate sales meetings, which have given me a chance to rest up, and also hone my craft on the corporate/ industrial side of things.


Beth and I have been working around the house.  Well, I should say that mainly Beth has been cleaning and organizing the house., but I've been able to chip in here and there.

We have planted a garden, but its currently a point of contention with our neighbor.  Technically, the land is his, but it's literally a two foot strip on the side of our house between our sidewalk and his driveway.  I hope we resolve this soon, as he did give us permission when we planted, and we've put a lot of work into the garden.

We're preparing to paint the house in July!  Beth and I will paint ourselves, as we have both done house painting before.

Also, we got cable, so as to not miss another episode of David Simon's fine show, Treme.

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