Wednesday, January 5

Pizza Delicious

Pizza Delicious just got featured in the Gambit, which makes me happy, because the article ensures business for these guys, but I hope it won't be too much.  These guys make awesome pizzas and I really like them.  I just wish I could eat it more than once a week (they're only open on sundays), and that the store wasn't in the marigny, but mid-city!

On a side note, I've been making homemade sushi, and I can't believe I didn't make this sooner.  I love it almost as much as the stuff from the restaurant, but am a little afraid of making sashimi from fish that's not "sushi grade" so have been limiting myself to sushi made from cooked fish, mainly crab sticks and smoked salmon.  The sushi doesn't look perfect, but it tastes just fine to me!

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