Monday, December 27

conveyor belt sushi

In case you haven't heard, Mrs. Bloch and I visited Japan this fall. We had a wonderful time, and I ate my way through the country.

This is a picture of a Kai-ten sushi restaurant. Delicious. Hot water spigots line the counter to fill up mugs of free powdered green tea. Brightly colored plates zip along the line at a speedy 8 centimeters per second. The colors denote the price of the fish on the plate, so the more brightly colored plates increase the price. Touch screens also adorn every other seat. These handy objects serve a purpose. Items like beer, sake, edamame, or specialty sushi can be ordered via the touchscreen.

We stuffed ourselves with fresh, cheap, sushi from these places several times. The better conveyor belt sushi restaurant that we went to was actually fresher than our favorite sushi restaurant at home. This freshness permeates the entire japanese food system. We didn't have a bad meal the whole time we were in Japan. Even chain restaurants had really inexpensive, fresh foods that were prepared with attention to detail. I would love to see more fresh foods in America.

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