Tuesday, December 22

Best Saints article ever

This article sums up the way I feel about my city. More than just an article about our fair football team, this article really delves into what makes New Orleans such a beautiful, unique place. Concerning John Besh, restaurant empresario:

He left in a truck. He came home in a boat, a former combat Marine packing heat. He saw more than disaster. He saw a call to action. If there was going to be a new New Orleans, it would take commitment from the people who loved it. "It was the Wild West," he says. "We were homesteaders in this city. Only the tough are gonna survive. Either you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work, or this isn't the city for you."

"I love you, New Orleans."

A shout out to Ian McNulty, who was quoted briefly in the article, and Shamarr Allen, trumpet player extraordinaire.

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