Wednesday, August 19

Peaceful buddha spa

I just had the best massage of my life! Please go visit Peaceful Buddha Spa if you get the chance down here in NOLA. The prices are very reasonable, and Carey delivered great service.

House pictures coming soon.

I fixed the spa tub today. I had ordered a replacement motor and it arrived today. Now I only have a hairline fracture on the return line in the tub, which will probably not get fixed until we remodel the bathroom. (definitely a 2010 proposition, no sooner) The return line is sandwiched between the interior wall which divides the master bath and the efficiency bathroom. I can live with a trickle of water, especially since it looks like the original owner didn't do a great job on the remodel post katrina, and eventually the bathroom will have to get an overhaul anyway.

The plumber is coming on Friday to reconnect the sewer line in bathroom #1, fix the shower in bathroom #2, and possibly fix another cracked drainage line in the laundry room.

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