Thursday, January 8

Kindle Problems

Lecompte is still nice and quiet. The next door neighbors have started on an ambitious construction project. They are building a house. Beth and I left New Orleans to the sound of construction and now it seems we are in the midst of the sounds of buzz saws and caterpillar earth movers again. The view is much better.
I have been having serious issues with my kindle. Whenever I downloaded content over the wireless, poor kindle crashed. The last image displayed would stay on the screen, immoveable. This is the kind of behaviour that I would expect if the battery died, because the kindle only uses power to refresh the screen, not to keep the image displayed.
I would use a hard reset to get the kindle to come back to life, but this was seriously annoying. The only way to circumvent said problem was to keep the kindle plugged in. This had nothing to do with the battery life. For some reason, after several calls to the fine folks at Kindle support, we reflashed the firmware (which had the side effect of removing my library, but no biggie) and the problem has been solved! Kindle support seems to think that something I downloaded corrupted the firmware, which caused the error. They have been seriously helpful, even offering to replace my kindle if we didn't get the issue resolved, and always answering the phone within 3 minutes. Yay Kindle tech support.

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