Friday, January 16


So I was reading about how to be positive. Sometimes I forget all the things I learned at New Dominion and most of that I think is due to Katrina. But I was reminded today that setting goals is an important part of daily life. I never got into the whole give it up to God or pray on things to make my thoughts positive. I'm more of a practical person and I need something I can do that is active. Plus, I'm not sure about the whole God thing anyway, too passive and then God or whoever gets blamed. However, setting goals is great. Goals can be measured, expanded, crossed off the list once achieved, practiced, reviewed, I think you get the picture.
Goals also make us grow and I see no reason for being on Earth except to grow. I don't understand people who stay with the status quo or never rock the boat. I know I at times like to hide and remain static but it's really not good for the soul. I also realize that having no goals means never standing up for myself and what I believe. It means never being challenged. And then life gets boring and becomes too much of a routine.
So today my goal is to let my voice be heard in order to be positive and in order to have a goal. I know, kind of vague. But I have an interview today and instead of jumping at what they offer me or nodding my head while they talk, I'm going to contribute to the conversation. I'm going to make sure all my questions are answered and I'm going to be personable and connect with these people. Then when it's over, I'm going to give myself some time to reflect and decide if this is what I want and what is best for Chris and me.
But goals can be simple too. Sometimes just making a goal of, "I will make a grocery list and go shopping today" or "I will clean the house today" are good goals. Sometimes turning the tedious chores of life into a goal can really make you feel accomplished once the chore is done.
Oh and another goal I had today was to post something on our blog. Mission Accomplished!

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