Sunday, December 7

Crescent City Changing of the Guard

I wanted to say I am very proud that New Orleans did not reelect "Dollar" Bill Jefferson back to congress. (Almost proud enough to think one day Chris and I could move back but only if they fix the streets.) I think Louisiana may be moving in a better direction without him and his embarrassment. (Now all we have to do is get rid of David "I like hookers that have the same name as my wife" Vitter.) I have always thought that Louisiana was a great state. We have mild winters, the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, lots of fishing, great trails, awesome food and some of the best music that the Northern Hemisphere has created. I think we deserve politicians who believe all of this and are not full of hubris.

Now, I'm not sure if the newly and firstly elected Vietnamese-born Congressman-elect Cao is perfect. I'm sure he's not and he is a Republican (that in itself is a little foreboding) which means many hungry right-wing lobbyists and congressmen will try to lure him into being another extreme conservative just to keep a Republican seat in the house. Which in turn means, that the Republicans will not care that Louisiana or rather New Orleans wants change and that is why Cao was elected. Hopefully, he will rise above it and realize that it is better to save one of the best cities on earth than to follow the leader.

As for Jefferson. He should have known better. He came from Lake Providence one of the poorest towns in Louisiana but also one of the prettiest. I think he forgot about his upbringing and his childhood after too many sazercas and good cooking from Galatoire’s. Or maybe his poor upbringing made him believe that he deserved power even if it was illegal and did nothing to help others. "I have to stay on top because I got here and I'm never going back to Lake Providence." That is what I imagine him saying.

So cheers to New Orleans for taking a step in the right direction and let's hope that if things don't work out they will once again ask for change.

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