Thursday, December 18

Christmas Decor 2008

This Christmas Chris had the great idea of getting a live tree so we can plant it in our yard after January 6. So we placed it on the side table near the window tonight. Chris helped string the lights on the tree and I placed about a dozen ornanments on the evergreen. I decorated the rest of the house with the remaining lights and hung the stockings. Even the pups and the cat get a stocking this year. (Let's hope Desmond can resist the dangling objects and crinkly paper. My old cat, Martha, used to chew the ribbon on my presents.) Yep, it's definitely Christmas time.
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  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    it is beautiful! Merry Christmas. I will turn on my lights in my bedroom, even thought Clayton says it looks gay.

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  3. Well, I am glad that you have a little Christmas cheer.