Tuesday, December 16

Cheese Straws

Last night I made Cheese Straws, which Aunt Betty taught me how to make. Recipe is found on page 223 of River Road, the most famous cookbook of all time. :)

Take 2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 2/3 cups regular old flour
a little salt
1 cup of butter
cayenne pepper to taste ( I like a lot)

Dump all of this in a mixmaster. If the butter isn't soft, prepare for a mess because the flour won't incorporate into the mixture. Use a dough hook if you have one. Turn the mixmaster on low and incorporate all ingredients. Take the newly formed dough and roll on a floured surface. Cut into strips and place strips onto an ungreased cookie sheet (or 3 ungreased cookie sheets ). Place aforementioned cookie sheet into an oven preheated to 275 ゜and cook until lightly golden brown. Place on a cooling rack; optionally dust cheese straws with more cayenne pepper. Makes: 3 dozenish.

Less than I want, I don't get tired of eating these things. Excuse the picture. I was too lazy this morning to break out the real camera and used the built in camera on my laptop.

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