Monday, November 24


I just got back from my lovely trip to San Diego, my father dropped me off and picked me up; Beth came with me but she flew out of New Orleans because we found a cheaper flight. The Alexandria International airport really doesn't require the same kind of "early preparation" that let's say flying in and out of Vegas or Orlando, or even MSY requires.
I arrived at the ticket counter about 90 minutes before my flight. I was the only person at the ticket counter. The ticketing agent wasn't even there! TSA didnt open the clearance area until 20 minutes before my flight was to leave! There were only
4 people on my inbound flight to IAH. I had plenty of time once at IAH to catch my connecting flight to San Diego, where I got a SECOND EXIT ROW SEAT WITH A POWER OUTLET! I didn't have to use the power outlet, as my laptop gets about 3 hours on a charge, but it was nice to know that an outlet was there if I needed it.

more to come.

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