Tuesday, October 21

Work, work, more work

I have been pretty slack in updating the blog lately. Twitter has allowed me to "micro-blog", and I have been working hard. No excuses, anyway, so what's been going on with the Bloch's?

Grandma had a stroke. She is still very happy, but unable to match words and letters. She speaks in tongues, just a little bit, but mainly can't identify objects, and people. She is always delighted to see her acquaintances and friends, always greeting them with a signature "Hello, how are you?" and a "fine, thank you." Even with the loss of language, Grandma hasn't lost her manners.

I have been gigging like no one's business. Since Beth and I have moved to Lecompte, I haven't spent a full week at home. I would prefer to be at home all the time, but I like being in demand.

Beth's volunteering. She mainly works for Habitat for Humanity right now, but is open to do whatever is useful and productive.

Going to do early voting today, leaving for Nueva Orleans again tomorrow.
The next post will be about the Ville Platte jousting tournament at the Cotton Festival.

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