Thursday, September 11

alltel vs att

Beth and I moved to the sticks and were unable to get DSL or cable internet access. Paul Robichaux recommended that we check with the guys over at We did and they suggested that we go with Alltel wireless.

We didn't on first try: we went with ATT, because Beth and I have service with ATT and we just thought it would be easier. After going to the store and being assured by Robert, our friendly salesperson that ATT would in fact work, we jumped on it. NOT SO MUCH.

After about 2 weeks of constantly having to click refresh inside a browser window and waiting for whatever we were loading to time out, we had had enough! Beth suggested that we go back to Alltel and try out their service. We met up with Darryl, our friendly salesperson, and we were off and running.

Alltel's service is fast! I can stream standard def video content from with very little delay usually. The websites that Beth wants to load eg. and load quickly, which was NOT the case with ATT.

Beth and I are just about moved in. We cooked our first chicken and sausage gumbo. The washer and dryer are working, just about, and life is good. I leave you with the funniest SNL clip I have seen in a while.

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