Thursday, July 3

So much

Beth and I have been super busy!
The garden is huge. The okra, corn, and greens are all at least 40 inches tall.
I went to Seattle, worked an amazing amount of hours in just a few day, got to hang out with Tim and Julie (pronounced joo-lee) We went to eat at, drum roll please, a tourist restaurant! Actually, the food was quite good. I had a dozen west coast oysters which had insane amounts of flavor. That was just the appetizer, then I had half of a dungeness crab, Tim had Salmon sliders with crab soup, and Julie had crab cakes.

We then went to the market, where there were all manner of nice things to look at. I personally wanted to purchase all the dried fruits and vegetables and also beef jerky. Julie bought the fruits, and I ended up with the beef jerky. The beef jerky was delicious.

I trucked back to work in time for....Jay Leno, who was much funnier in front of my audience than I have ever seen him on TV.

Now, I am working at the Essence festival, which is one of the biggest shows in New Orleans. Essence is held in the superdome, and thankfully, I am only working in the small room.

Going to run, but trying to make a concerted effort to blog.

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