Thursday, July 17

3 things

I read on cousin Tim's blog that we had an adventure when I visited Seattle. So we did! I told you guys about the market and meeting Julie and the touristy food that was actually pretty good. I didn't tell you about the car and me having to run to work from 8 blocks away, uphill, because the battery died on us. A couple of things struck me as odd. 1) I had to ask 4 or 5 people to help us jump the car before anyone would help. Everyone seemed very busy, even the kids I asked. 2) The parking lot attendants didn't seem concerned either.
Luckily Tim and Julie had AAA, so help was only a phone call away. By the time that we realized the car wasn't going to start, I had about 20 minutes to get to work, so I hoofed it. It really wasn't that big a deal for me to walk, I needed the exercise anyway after all the food I stuffed down my gullet, just wished I could have spent more time with Tim and Julie.

I received a kindle in the mail yesterday from Amazon, and I like it a lot. I think that it's a game-changing device. Being able to automatically download something from the internet to the device is pretty awesome. I am still learning how to get around, and a couple of things are non-intuitive.

The back button on the right hand side has a different meaning than the previous page button; there are two "next page" buttons, but only one "previous page" button. I was confused a little bit by this.

The text documents that I have gotten from project Gutenberg have some formatting issues, the lines wrap around even with the smallest font size so that less text fits on a screen. I also have had trouble navigating back to a particular spot in a document. The kindle doesn't seem to use page numbers, but locations, which is different.

The kindle has the feel of a 1st generation device, but I still think that it's good value for the money and I am happy that I bought one.

I have used my kindle for 5 or 6 days with no need to recharge! Project Gutenberg texts can be downloaded from and converted from the web site to Kindle format, so no formatting issues anymore.

Loving my kindle.

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