Sunday, April 13


Twitter is now embedded in this blog. I met a gentleman from Germany over Skype who plays music, really good music, link here.
The funniest thing is that he knows who Jon Cleary is, and is apparently touring Europe this summer. Another link, Dumpstaphunk

Really Good bands all.

I have cutworms in the garden. They are chewing great big holes throught a couple of plants, but most of the garden is unscathed thus far.

I am thinking about purchasing a macbook pro, but they are really expensive. I mean like "Chris, you could have bought a slightly junky used car for the amount of money that you spent on this laptop." I can't help it! I just want one! Beth is having none of it. She says I need to work for it, and she's right. I am not helping myself by poring over every single review of the machine, comparisons of the different models Apple offers, justification for what I would use it for, me telling myself I really WOULD back up my computer if I had one. It goes on and on in my head. I guess I have fallen into Steve Job's "reality distortion field".

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