Thursday, December 6


So a lot has been happening. I went to Alexandria to visit with my family and spend some time with my Papa, who was dying and actually ended up dying right after I left. That was sad in and of itself, but it was really good to see family that I haven't done the best job of keeping in touch with. I got to see Aunt Ann, cousin Paul (whose blog is here), cousin Tim (blog here), cousin Julie and her son Charlie, and of course Uncle Dan, cousins Ashley and Melissa, Clayton, my father, Aunt Betty and Grandma.
I am pretty sad about all of this, but I really enjoyed catching up with my family, and now it seems like I have a whole lot of family including all of the Pierces (mom's side) and Bailly's (Beth's).
I am glad that I got to say goodbye to you and spend so much time with you Papa.

On another note, Paul turned me on to the new Google maps application for my treo 750. It uses cell phone tower tracking to give an approximate location of my phone and then allows me to find services based on this location data. I love it. I travel frequently, so I always need to know where the laundromat or the nearest restaurant is. Good job Paul.

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