Sunday, November 5

Chris says I don't blog enough.

I have basically been pressured to write this blog by my hubby. But I don't really believe in peer pressure, so am I really doing this because Chris pressured me to or am I doing it out of my own free-will? All I have to say is I do like Kierkegaard. (Don't know who he is? Then check out the link.)

Actually, I am at home on a Sunday night without Chris. I've actually done a lot of techy stuff since I dropped him off at Louis Armstrong International. I finally updated my IPOD and added all those Beatle records I wanted to listen to while working out. I browsed Cox's On Demand for movies and now I am blogging.

Needless to say, it has been a quiet evening. Desmond has been napping ever since Chris left. I think he misses him too. I've been rewatching Sex and the City episodes and find that Carrie is my least favorite character. As far as I am concerned, Charlotte an Samantha take the cake. Oh and these are episodes before Sarah Jessica's eye work.

Work has been consuming most of my time. Being back with Bill and Avery has been really wonderful. I have been a slave to the clock and am constantly billing those precious hours, but I feel at home. It's nice working from home twice a week and on the days I'm at the office two Rhodesian Ridge backs and a Golden Retriever greet me instead of some snotty old receptionist.

I do believe that morning guy is overruling nighttime guy on this Sunday night. Therefore, I'm gonna go brush and floss and hope Desmond snuggles with me so I don't miss Chris so much.

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