Saturday, July 1

Essence Festival Day 2

So yesterday was the youth empowerment seminar, and all in all, it wasn't bad. I was treated well by everyone that I came into contact with, and it actually seemed like everyone I met was bending over backwards to be nice!
Today we have Nas, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, some preachers I think, Mary J. Blige, and we should be done by about 4:30 post meridian (or so). I hope that we are done on time, it is always nice to not have to work an 18 hour day, which is what a lot of my jobs entail. I hope that the rest of the show runs smoothly, as this is my first gig with the new production manager,
Eddie Pearce, who is a really cool guy, but not as cool as my wife. Then again, my wife is the coolest person I know!
Beth is amazing, she continually challenges me to be a better person, to use my mind in constructive ways, to stop deluding myself, and loves me, even when it is hard. She makes me do hard things, and I love her for it. I will never take you for granted, Mrs. Bloch.

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