Monday, February 9


I flew home late last friday and got to spend the majority of the day with Beth.  We rode our bikes around downtown Baton Rouge, went to a couple of bars, saw two parades and ran into our high school friend Donald Hodge.  It was glorious.  The weather was perfect, crisp, but not freezing, and the skies were a pale blue.  Sunday was spent lazing about on the couch, not doing much of anything, also glorious!

Recently, I ran into a problem where my external music drive would show up under Mac Os X in the disk utility and would mount properly there, but wouldn't be visible on the desktop.  My google-fu was weak and I searched unsuccessfully for a solution to the problem.  Finally, I found a thread on a forum that described this problem exactly, and was able to fix it

I went to :

Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
chflags nohidden /Volumes/yourvolumenamehere/

It works perfectly!  

Friday, February 6

happy friday

I ran into this article on one of my favorite websites,
I think it is timely and true.  Today is the last day of my epic "corporate tour 2015"  and I am so ready to be home.  Just 15 hours left :)

Wednesday, January 21

All the News fit to print

This January it worked out that I ended up being booked for 5 weeks of corporate shows in a row.  I had already anticipated two shows, but a client ended up asking me to fill in on another two shows so I am having a very busy start to the year.

In addition, on three of these jobs I am using my own digital audio console.   As all three of my readers know, (hi Mom, Dad, and Aunt Ann!) last October I ordered a Midas Pro One Live Mixing Console, which is ideal for the types of industrial theatrical events that I staff.  40 inputs, remote stage boxes, and the sweet sound of Midas microphone preamplifiers.  Bringing my own console reduces load in time, requires less programming, and allows me to just do my job with consistent, repeatable results.    I have been really happy with the result, and I really like the desk.

New Years Goals in no particular order:

1.  Continue to not smoke.  I slipped up and smoked for a couple of weeks in December.  I have been successful this month not smoking, and just need to build on my successes last year not smoking.  Not a big deal, because I went all of last year without smoking regularly, but I would like to extend not smoking regularly into not smoking at all!

2.  Study more Spanish.  I subscribed to a learning website called Fluencia, which has been quite good at increasing my Spanish comprehension, but I haven't been studying with any regularity.

3.  Run another 5k.  On thanksgiving I ran the Calvary Turkey trot with my cousins Paul and Melissa.  I did have to stop and walk quite a few times.  I would like to be able to run a 5k without stopping this year.

Two of these goals require consistent practice which is tough for me, as my schedule is always irregular.  I need to find a better way to be consistent in managing time, even when I have 14-16 hour workdays.   I have had success waking up early to accomplish more, but when my day starts at 5:30 or 6 am for a work call, it's tough to wake up any earlier to fit in exercise and language practice.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments suggestion or via email.

I am still enjoying not using facebook.  I feel like I am a bit more engaged in my day to day life.

Sunday, December 21

All the news fit to print

We went to New Orleans for a night of fun, and then I took Beth to Disneyworld.  We drove all day (and I mean 11 hours) from New Orleans to Orlando, then checked into the motel that time forgot.   We stayed at The Wyndham Lake Buena Vista, which looked a lot like a Days Inn with a hotel tower welded on after the fact.  Disney was good, we actually preferred Epcot, there were far fewer small children and crowds on the days we went than the Magic Kingdom.  Also, the German Biergarden was great!  The food at Epcot was really good in general, the food at the Magic Kingdom was just kind of OK.  The lines for everything were much longer than I normally put up with, as I have an aversion to waiting in 30 minute long lines for things like fast food hamburgers.  This scenario actually happened.