Sunday, December 21

All the news fit to print

We went to New Orleans for a night of fun, and then I took Beth to Disneyworld.  We drove all day (and I mean 11 hours) from New Orleans to Orlando, then checked into the motel that time forgot.   We stayed at The Wyndham Lake Buena Vista, which looked a lot like a Days Inn with a hotel tower welded on after the fact.  Disney was good, we actually preferred Epcot, there were far fewer small children and crowds on the days we went than the Magic Kingdom.  Also, the German Biergarden was great!  The food at Epcot was really good in general, the food at the Magic Kingdom was just kind of OK.  The lines for everything were much longer than I normally put up with, as I have an aversion to waiting in 30 minute long lines for things like fast food hamburgers.  This scenario actually happened.